Monday, 29 March 2010

A new beach

Yes, it's been a while I know. But life in Australia is very busy. The Two Legged Ones have been busy too so it's been a bit hectic. Last year, the Two Legged Ones visited Sydney, a place which is apparently amazing - well, I'm guessing it is as they went on and on and on about it when they got back. I couldn't go - well, I could have but it would have meant another plane trip and I could well do without that for a while!

The Two Legged Ones have also done a few day trips to see some of the countryside around here.

I go stay with the Older Two Legged Ones and have a blast. I'm spoilt rotten when I go there, and I know how to look cute so I get even more spoilt!

So, a few months later, because I had missed out on the other holidays, we all went away for a long weekend 'down south' as they say over here. What a great weekend! We went to some great places and best of all, I ran and ran and ran like mad on some new beaches. We stayed on a great farm, with loads of new smells for me and some interesting looking sheep (don't look anything like Irish sheep) to stare at. I was very busy, sitting out on the verandah, checking out the livestock. I had a great four days - we visited woods, we were on the beach every day and even though it was wild and woolly I paddled and splashed and smelt, I ran, I scrambled and all in all, it was brilliant fun. The Two Legged ones took me everywhere with them and I slept the whole way home as I had been one busy dog for four whole days!!!

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