Saturday, 6 August 2011


Well, today was a lovely day Down Under - blue, blue skies and a lovely fresh wind - not too hot, not too cold. The Two Legged Ones collected me from my 'holiday camp' (ie the older two legged ones' house) and we went for a long walk along the river before settling in to watch the All Blacks decimate the Wallabies. Now, I don't mind watching a bit of rugby now and then but today, I was a bit homesick for Ireland so I wasn't really in the mood. For what it's worth though, my money is on the All Blacks winning the World Cup in October 2011!

Anyway, given I was a tad homesick, I thought I'd put up this photo to cheer myself up - this is taken on my first ever visit to the West of Ireland - down to Sneem in County Kerry. And what a great week we had down there - I was only ickle (8 months old!) and I still really hadn't learnt to come back when called which was a tad exasperating for the Two Legged Ones but for me, it was a good excuse to run and run and run and run - which I did. The Two Legged Ones were very fit at the end of that week - they had to run very very fast to catch me!

Woof for now.


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Hoke said...

Well hello there!!! I've never been to Ireland but they have...and didn't take me with them!! I can't believe how much you look just like me. Don't feel will be back soon. Visit us again...we will be following you too!!