Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Bears and me

The She Two Legged One has an extensive collection of Russ Bears which live on the spared bed - usually, these are purchased on the Two Legged Ones' holidays and they have pretty cool names (Huckle Bear - from Houston, Mellon Bear - from Melbourne, Scrum Bear - the Irish Rugby Football Union mascot [he's the dude at the front left corner] Paw Bear, Faw Bear, Buddy Bear - they must all be related as they all have Bear as their second name!).  I'm quite fond of them - although, I'm not sure what they are, really - I mean, they are fluffy and very cute (like me), but they don't do too much so I'm not sure what the point of them is other than I know they make the She Two Legged One smile so that's something.  And, by some miracle, even when I was a wee puppy, I never ever chewed any of them (well, there was the Bunny Massacre but that's another story - and, strictly speaking, as Bunny was not a teddy bear, it doesn't count - I've been told to tell you that Bunny was not a real rabbit, he was a stuffed toy which the She Two Legged One was given for her first birthday - I tore his head off - in my defence, he had weird eyes and he was looking at me funny), in fact, I've always enjoyed snuggling up to them when the weather turns cold.  And as it has been unseasonably cool the past few days I took myself off to the spare room this morning, jumped up on the spare bed, rearranged the bears to my liking (I am very thorough when it comes to rearranging - not just teddy bears, but cushions, blankets, pillows) and settled in for my pre-walk snooze - the Two Legged Ones find it very amusing, even though, really, I shouldn't be anywhere near the spare bed.  I hear them muttering that they should send me back to my own four legged bed but I know that they find it too cute for words and let's face it, sometimes, there's no harm in letting me have my own way!  It doesn't happen enough for my liking so when I do get my own way, I make the most of it!!!

Woof for now.



Hoke said...

Isn't it something how we can destroy somethings in a second but other things we wouldn't dare....I have a moose that I snuggle with...haven't put a hole in him yet but tear the be-jesus out of just about anything else!

Bouncing Bertie said...

Hi Groucho
Nice to meet you, and your Bear pals, and thanks for stopping by my blog. You certainly do get around - Ireland, Dubai, Australia and maybe in the future Aberdeen.
Toodle pip!