Tuesday, 6 December 2011

More Exercise

The Big Swim, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

well, I forgot to mention that when I was at the vet's the other day (I'm still getting over it - yes, yes, he's a nice two legged one, I know, but he's a vet - it's all well and good for the She Two Legged One to tell me all this, I mean, it's not like she ever says 'oh, yippee, I'm off to the dentist' is it??) that I had to be weighed and, well, I've put on weight - now, I'm a big Westie so I carry it well, but the Two Legged Ones have decided I need to exercise more (I have three very long walks every day and even more on the weekends but I'm not complaining - the more exercise the better, I say!) so I figure there will be a lot more of the Big Swims over the next few weeks! On the downside, my 'treats' daily count has gone down - I'm working on staging a protest over this, not sure what form it will take - I may withhold my exuberant 'welcome home' greetings, I may refuse to snuggle up next to them for my nightly tummy rub, I may not buy Xmas presents, I may refuse to be cute, I haven't decided yet. But there will be a protest about those treats, I can tell you.

Woof fow now.



Douglas said...

Hey Groucho, do you like carrots or green beans? My Peeps started giving me those instead of cookies, and my dogtor said it helps with your weight!


Groucho said...

Hey Douglas, thanks for the tip. I do like some veges so maybe the Two Legged Ones could try those. I have say, though, I don't get a lot of treats anyway, what with being a Westie, they have to watch my apparent 'allergies' (I personally think the 'allergies' are just an excuse not to give me too many treats!). You know what, though, I reckon it's just that the scales at the vets were wrong!