Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Westie Roll Perspective

When I do the 'Westie Roll' (you know the one - lie on your back and roll around and around) everything looks so different from the way I usually see it - I thought you might like to see how the trees look when I'm doing the Westie Roll.  Give it a go one day - it's great fun and you will feel heaps better.  I'm going to do a few Westie rolls tonight when I'm out for my walk - it will take my mind off being so homesick for Ireland, won't it??

woof for now.



DSS said...

I love this post! Louis spends much time doing the westie roll, and I've never thought to have a go at it to see what the view is like :)

Hoke said...

Woof!!!! I think that would make me sea-sick!!!