Monday, 7 May 2012


I'll get you!!, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

Well, we had such a busy weekend that the He Two Legged One hasn't got around to uploading his photographs of me but I'm here to tell you about those birds - not these ones, but I'm sure it was their cousin or uncle or aunty or some relation who had a go at me on Saturday evening - and, for once, I wasn't asking for it (as, in fairness, I am usually trying to catch them as you can tell here!). We went down to the wharf on Saturday evening, so the He Two Legged One could take some night photographs with his new lens and so I could smell all the fishy smells - the wharf is a great place for a walk - SOOOO many smells to investigate). Well, we had a lovely time, and I walked for at least an hour, smelling everything, walking as if I owned the place but then, on the way back to the car, just as the moon was rising and everything was looking so peaceful and pretty, WHAM, two seagulls just went for me - repeatedly. The Two Legged Ones had to protect me (which was a bit bad for my ego I have to say) and scare the seagulls away - I wasn't really scared, just a bit shook up as they meant business and had a co-ordinated attack plan in action. I wasn't best pleased but I figure it was payback for my always trying to catch them (although, honestly, seriously, this time I didn't do a THING to set them off!).

And, anyway, I wouldn't be very tasty would I, even if they did manage to peck me - honestly, what were they thinking??

Woof for now.



Anonymous said...

BIRDIES AND FISSHESS?! That sounds like fun! And that must be yooou standing in the water/sea! I haven't been in the sea before. I hope the seagulls didn't hurt you? I would have ran after them seabird & tried my best to protect you if i were there!

Oh ya, Groucho! Mommy & I passed on an award to you. :D Remember to read the post okay?

Love you!

Your furiend,

Patrice and Higgins said...

What were those birds thinking?? If they would have pecked you, I would not want to be around when you sought revenge!!


Hoke said...

Well I have to say that this is one of my most favorite pictures of you!!! Oh how I envy you that you get to swim...I hate the water and am afraid of those birds...Groucho I will live thru you!!! About those seagulls trying to get you...I bet they were plotting to dive bomb you...those stinkers!! I hope you get one one day...well don't hurt it but give it a scare!!!