Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Well, ok, so I've been away for a while - the She Two Legged One is very busy at work and is a tad grumpy tired these days and They have refused to buy me my own lab-top ..... not sure what that is about. BUT, anyway, She was ok tonight and seems to have found her sense of humour some time to help me out. So, here's an update: A few weekends ago, She said to Him - it's a lovely day, let's go for a road trip - so we did. We went to a little town about 2 hours away, and we drove through some glorious country side - oh, the smells were wonderful - sheep, cows, kangaroos - and I wasn't annoying at all, demanding to stick my head out the window every few seconds, no, not at all. I was very well behaved (I hear someone snorting in disbelief behind me - I shall ignore Her) and took great interest in the goings ons in the main street:
So, that was a lovely treat for us all BUT, then, wham, back down to earth - if you remember, I was limping a bit a while back but I was all good for ages afterwards - however, with the very cold weather we have been having (well, not cold compared to Ireland but cold for here!), She noticed the limp was back so off to the dog-ter. the very nice dog-ter said I had to go back for an 'xray' - so I did, last Friday and, well, as suspected, I have Alf-an-I-tis and something about worn cardigans which will only get worse if I continue to do this:
and this:
BUT the good news is that with treatment and a few modifications to my rather reckless Westie behaviour, I will be ok - I'm not in any pain, I just need to be a bit careful with my cardigan and Arf-an-I-tis (and yes, I know, it's actually cartilage and arthritis, I'm just pointing out that Her diction could be better at times) AND, even better, I don't have to go up and down the stairs by myself anymore - They have to carry me (and I'm not milking that for all it's worth - much!!) BUT, on the downside, when we were at the beach over the weekend, She picked me up AND LIFTED ME UP OVER THE WALL - in FRONT OF THE VBDs (the very big dogs) - CAN YOU IMAGINE THE EMBARRESSMENT?????? The VBDs were very good about it and looked away, pretending they didn't see it by oh, my, was I GRUMPY about it - as soon as she put me down (like I was a small puppy or something) I took off with selective hearing firmly in place and pretended I did not know them at all:
AND, the other good news is that the more I do of my paddling, the better - it's good for me you see:
AND, the more I run on flat surfaces, the better so it's not like I have to give up my very active lifestyle, I just have to be a bit careful about my diving off sand dunes, jumping off high walls and preferably, do zoomies on flat surfaces. So, it's all ok, I'm as happy as I usually am, I guess it's just age and my incredibly daring exploits catching up with me! But at least I can still do this:
Woof for now. Groucho


brandi said...

You are adorable! And arthur-itis sucks, but I think you have it mastered!

Molly The Wally said...

Groucho we hope we get some warm weather to help with the Alf-an-I-tis.
Have a happy Tuesday!
Best wishes Molly

Shelle Pennington said...

I think that your cardigan needs lots of warm snuggles to make them feel better. And the Arf-an-I-tis... well that just sounds nastyful, and probably could use the same sort of treatment... warm snuggles!

Glad you are back! :) We've missed you!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

Anonymous said...

Hey, I haven't barked you in a looooong time, but I want you to know that I read your stuff through my email subscription.

I hate to hear about your cardigan trouble. And I feel your pain with the VBDs. The two-legged ones need to be a tad more sensitive to that, eh?

Hope you're feeling better!

ArooOOOO! Stuart

dougall.dog said...

Your road trip sounds like fun!

You make SURE those humans look after your cardigan, don't want to end up in a wheelie contraption!

Gemma said...

Hi Groucho! Lovely photos. So glad that you're managing to look after your cardigans and arf-an-l-tis. Maybe get mum to make sure no VBDs are looking next time. :) xxx

Rolo Retriever said...

Hello Groucho, many thanks for your comment on my latest post. As you can see, I'm really behind after my hols and I have yet to graciously accept and act on your kind Sunshine Award. But it's high on my 'to do' list. Watch this space!

Lots of love 'n licks 'n stuff,

Rolo The Retriever x

Groucho said...

Thanks Brandi! So far, I've been a bit more careful so the cardigans and Arthur-itis will be better managed but I'm not sure how long it will last - patience and less xtreme activities do not sit well with me!!!

Hoke said...

Arthur is not a friend of ours either...that's what her gram called it. ANyway, you just have to baby yourself a little, ya know, take a few more breaks and then give it hell when you get up and going...like right now, I'm laying on the back of the couch where I'm not suppose to be...and he just called me a CAT!!!!! I have to go and give him a bite or something. Anyway, glad you are back up and running with your blog...oh how we miss reading about you. I envy the swimming and the leash-less walks you get! As I lay her, i have a harness on...like a dog who would run away or something!

Wyatt said...

Look at you go....wheee! Nice to see you out doing terrier zoomies...It's hard to slow down a terrier, eh

Wyatt and Stanzie

Patrice and Higgins said...

We don't have kangaroos around our parts...I would love to growl and chase one!! I hope that your arf-an-I-tis gets better...it's just sounds terrible to have that!


Groucho said...

thank you all for your comments about Arf and Arthur and the cardigans. So far, I'm ok - I'm trying to not milk it too much although I am really enjoying being carried up and down the stairs in our house! Being less active is not really an option for me, I'd become a very unhappy and bored Westie if I was less active but I am trying to be a wee bit less impulsive ..... I will miss diving off sand dunes I can tell you that!



Sweet William The Scot said...

Oh Groucho ~ I think you are in very good shape for the shape your in. Water aerobics for old arthur sounds like a fun treatment.
Thanks for being a friend,
Sweet William The Scot

Scrappy said...

Oh Groucho - a few limitations (and embararassing peep moments) but you look to still be having a fantastical time! Your photos at the beach are so beautiful! I have a lake beach, but it has rocks:( That sand looks so inviting! Please Zoomie for me in the sand! Take care of your cute little grouco self!

Duncan Breazeale said...

Oh, that Arthur Itis. He has visited some of the two-leggers in our family. Glad to see you are still living the good life and enjoying every minute of it!!

Kten said...

One of my cat's has arf-ri-tis. My lady makes me leave him alone. She says he is old. I am glad you can have it and still have fun.

Hailey Bug