Sunday, 18 November 2012

Seven Things

Well, my buddy Dougall has very kindly given me an award - thanks again, Dougall, we were very touched by you thinking of me! So, as part of this award, I get to share seven things you might not know about me! So, here goes:

1) I very nearly didn't make it - I was put into the pound, when I was only 6 months old, by my first owner to be 'put to sleep' (which I'm sure is not the same thing as going to sleep at night because She always says it in a horrified tone of voice) but fortunately, Maureen at Westie Rescue rang Them and They busted me out of the pound.

2) I have lived in three different countries - Ireland, the UAE and Australia. But Ireland is home - it's my favourite place ever.

3) I love cooked broccoli and carrot - but I don't like any raw vegetables at all and if I'm tricked into eating them, I spit them out - very loudly, then I make a very big deep sigh and walk away from Her with a very disdainful expression on my face.

4) I think baths are just ridiculous and the biggest waste of time ever and I whinge and grumble and carry on when I have to have one!

5) I was never really a big fan of swimming until we moved to Australia - now, even in the cooler months, I'll race straight into the water and strut my stuff!

6) I love rugby - I sit on the couch and watch the matches with Them. She shouts a lot at the TV screen which I don't really understand because it doesn't make any difference but well, it seems to make Her feel a bit better although She does get very grumpy if Her team does not win.

7) I love my dog blogville reading and posting - it's introduced me to a whole word of wonderful people and four legged ones and it's great fun.

Now, as part of my award, I have to choose 3 other blogville buddies to pass on the award to - this is very tough but here goes:

1) Gemma - another 'Down Under' dog blogger whose two legged ones love Aussies Rules football and whose posts make me laugh a lot

2) Hoke, my Westie buddy who, I think, is actually my 'Westie in arms' as he is very similar to me - I think we may be related actually! And Hoke's 'Monster Face' little sister is good fun too (although I have to pretend that she's not, just to back up Hoke you understand!)

3) Brandi - now, Brandi is a cat and I've had a few run ins with the felines, but we love Brandi's blog.

Pop on over and visit them if you haven't already.

Thanks again Dougall buddy!

Woof for now.



Molly The Wally said...

Hey Groucho congratulations on your award. We were shocked to read that you were nearly sent to sleep so young. Hurraahhhhh on your forever home. Bath time too is not our fav thing. We also hate veggies. Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Sweet William The Scot said...

Helloooo Groucho ~ I agree with you on the veggies, when they are raw it is crunch crunch. You were so lucky the rescue came in time, now you are a world traveler in a great home.
Thanks for being a friend
Sweet William The Scot

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award, now that Dougall buddy really thinks a lot of you, so you keep him happy as a good furiend should. Hummmmmmmm don't like baths, but love swimming, howabout Mom throughts some soap in were you swimm, that should do the trick!

Your Furiend
Susie & Bites

scotsmad said...

Wow, Groucho, you've packed alot into your life. Bella is our water dog, though we all love paddling in the river....however, we're with you on the bath thing!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Groucho said...

That's a pretty good idea - I'm sure I wouldn't mind a bath so much if it took place in the river or ocean! I just don't like those silly enclosed spaces where baths usually take place!!

Woof said...

Swimming and baths are two completely different things!

The first is fun... The later is TORTURE!!!

Gemma said...

Hey Groucho! *hugs* Thanks so much for my award. I loved reading your "Seven Things". I will blog about the award ASAP.
Luff & Hugs from your pal,
Gemma xxx