Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Back to the City

So, after a wonderful week in the country, Groucho returned to his city dog life and back to his home which he loved - it was much better than where he lived before The Rescue and our home was definitely being taken over by Groucho the Wonder Westie.
From our patio, Groucho could look out over a river (which he jumped into many times!), two bridges, a large field (more on that later!), a public walkway and the back of the largest cemetry in Ireland (which sounds a bit spooky but it wasn't at all !), so Groucho had a great time, sitting out on the patio, little black nose pressed to the glass, watching the world go by. Sometimes, he would chase the magpies because they always tried to take his food! Unfortunately, Groucho's super canine powers did not extend to flying after them so he had to be happy with just barking very loudly!

Because there was no grass on the patio, Groucho had his own sand pit in which he buried his treats. We didn't realise one of Groucho's super canine powers was an ability to dig at very fast speeds and the first day, more sand ended up on the patio than in the actual sand pit! Groucho was also given one corner of the patio for his own - and we dumped potting soil there so he could dig, bury and all that doggy stuff and it was always very funny when he buried something there, as his little white face would be covered with black sand!

Groucho took over the living room, taking up one cushion of the couch for himself and also a fair amount of floor space! Because Groucho, like most terriers, is very energetic, he needed quite a bit of sleep to prepare for all his adventures and was often found fast asleep on the couch. Groucho also liked to snuggle and would often sit next to us and roll over on his back for a scratch on his tummy. Every night, after his dinner, Groucho wanted his 'play attack' and we would have to chase him around the living room, the patio or take him out on to the grass and chase him around the trees.
Groucho had a lot of friends in Dublin and was very well known. Groucho was particularly popular with the kids who would come up to the patio to visit him. One of Groucho's other super canine powers was an ability to be very friendly to everyone and most dogs although he was a bit scared of cats!

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