Monday, 12 March 2007

Groucho's Holiday in Kerry

In addition to visiting the Skellig Islands Groucho had many other adventures in County Kerry. Most mornings Groucho went down to the beach because the weather was very warm - Groucho wasn't really that fond of the ocean but he did love the wind in his face. Groucho investigated the many ruins that were in the area. There are lots of ruined cottages in the area as a result of emigration during and after the Great Famine (1845 - 1849).

Groucho's super canine powers were tested during his explorations because he met animals that he had never seen before (which is understandable as Groucho was not even a year old at the time). One day his super canine powers almost failed him when he was overly curious about a ewe with her two lambs and he ventured too close - the ewe chased him down and Groucho only narrowly missed being head butted.

Each evening, Groucho went for a long walk with us down to the front gate of the farm and this was probably his most favourite time of the day. Groucho was often let off his lead and would disappear for 20 minutes or so, chasing hares, sniffing all the new smells and generally having a great time, barking at the cows and being quite disappointed when they would not play with him. Every afternoon, Groucho sat out the front of the cottage, looking out at the incredibly beautiful view to the Atlantic Ocean. And every day, Groucho came with us into Sneem where he became quite well known with many people stopping to talk to him. Groucho thought it was great and he was particularly fond of the butcher shop (which produced the best garlic and herb sausages we had every tasted).

And one day, Groucho went on a history tour, to check out an iron age fort near Sneem. Groucho's super canine powers were really tested that day as Groucho had to scramble up some fairly tall walls to check out the view but he thought it entirely worthwhile.

Unfortunately, the week came to an end all too soon. All in all, it was a wonderful week for Groucho and us - it only rained one day, we all had a great week of resting, relaxing, eating some excellent food and, even better, seeing some of the most amazing and awesome scenery in the West of Ireland. Groucho became a farm dog for a week and thought he was quite cool at it, although we are not so sure - even with his super canine powers and being the Wonder Westie of the Western World, it seemed that Groucho was still very confused about the purpose of cows and sheep!

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Absolutely love this nlog. It makes me smile every time. Thanks