Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Groucho and the Puffins

Groucho went on holidays to Co. Kerry in Ireland last summer. One beautiful summer's day Groucho went on a boat trip. There were six puppies on the boat and Groucho quickly made friends with them. Groucho was on his way to the Skellig Islands to check out a puffin colony.

There were lots of steps to climb to get to the top of the island, but Groucho quickly climbed them (he is a super canine after all). Groucho stopped along the way to the top to stare at the puffins as the returned from their fishing trips. Seeing the puffins eating made Groucho feel hungry and he stopped for a picnic close to the top of the island.
All to soon it was time to return to the base of the island to climb aboard the boat to take us back to the mainland. Our skipper had caught some fish while we were on the island and he treated us to some grilled fish. Groucho thought that this was great -- the perfect end to a perfect day. A tired and weary Groucho returned from his adventure on the Skelligs happy in the knowledge that he had seen a real puffin for himself.

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