Friday 11 January 2008

Groucho takes Over

Hi everyone, Groucho here:

As you can see, I’ve taken over the writing of this blog as the Two Legged Ones were not keeping it up to date. As you can see from the earlier blog, I’m already quite used to using all this modern technology so what the heck, I figured I might as well do the blog myself - I am, after all, the superstar here.

So, what's the latest? Well, not that long ago, it was my second birthday - actually, in dog years, that's my fourteenth birthday. Generally, us dogs don’t get too excited about birthdays but the Two Legged Ones really went to town and seemed to think it was a major deal – this probably was because the year before, I’d been on the plane from Dublin to Dubai on my birthday and they felt a bit bad about that. I was going to crèche the day of my birthday so, frankly, I was more interested in getting there and seeing my buddies than in all this hooha about a birthday, but I could see there was no getting out of the fuss and bother, so I went along with it all and even unwrapped one if the presents myself which, given the excited reaction from the Two Legged Ones, was obviously a big achievement. Of course, they took loads of photos – there’s one below for you to see. It’s a good thing I’m so photogenic what with all the photos they take of me!!!

Well, have to take off now – I can see some magpies on the patio and I can’t let them sit there – I have to bark very loudly at them to show them who’s boss. You can catch up on my news of my flight back to Ireland and what’s been happening since then in the not too distant future. Woof for now!!