Monday 18 June 2012

My new Fur Do

A few weeks ago, the She Two Legged One had a day off work and I went for my quarterly 'fur do'. Here I am BEFORE: and here I am AFTER: I look a lot more serious and 'growed up' after a fur do but the Two Legged Ones say I'm still the same - full of beans, mischief and selective hearing! Woof for now. Groucho

The Sunshine Award

I am one very lucky Westie - my buddies Molly and Milo, Dixie and Newby gave me the Sunshine Award!! The Two Legged Ones are delighted and She, of course, was very happy - and She said this award was particularly relevant because She often sings 'You are my Sunshine' to me (which is a bit bad, actually, as She has a TERRIBLE voice - but the sentiment is lovely, I guess!). So, the rules are, I have to answer 7 questions: 1. Favorite number?: Hmmm, 3. Not sure why, I just really like it. 2. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?: Water, water, water. Love the stuff, can't get enough of it. I'm what the Two Legged Ones call a guzzler (whatever that is!). 3. Facebook or Twitter?: We don't do either although we were thinking of Facebook one day soon if They ever get around to it. 4. Your Passion?: Oh, so many - walking, swimming, zoomies, ridding the skies of crows, walking, hanging out with the Two Legged Ones - boy, so many!! 5. Favorite Pattern?: Tartan. 6. Favorite Day of the Week?: Sundays - that's market followed by beach day!. 7. Favorite Flower?: It's not a flower, I know, by my favourite plant is basil - I love sniffing it and eating it. The second rule is that I have to award to 10 of my furry friends - I don't really have 10 friends yet so I've managed only 7 which isn't great, I know - I really do need to work on my networking skills! - She did check to see if they hadn't already been awarded it and we think they haven't but if I've doubled up, I'm sorry!! And thanks again to my buddies for giving me a sunshine award! And the Sunshine Award goes to:::: 1 My USA Westie buddy Hoke 2 One of my new buddies, Gemma 3 Vash, another Westie we keep track of 4 Rolo, a four legged one after my own paws 5 Higgins (who isn't very well at the moment) who is very mantastic! 6 Jacque and Pippen because not only do we love their adventures, we like reading about the crafting as well Woof for now Groucho

Saturday 9 June 2012

Tips for Training Your Two Legged Ones by Groucho

TIP NUMBER ONE - TRAINING THEM INTO ALLOWING YOU EXTRA TIME ON YOUR WALK When I'm out walking, I adopt the attitude that this is MY walk and I will only RETURN WHEN I WANT TO - it has taken me YEARS of patience and hard work to teach the Two Legged Ones that it's not all about them, this is MY walk so a few pointers - 1) ignore them when they call (there are a few examples of how to do the 'sorry, I didn't hear you call my name as I'm too busy ignoring you' AND my 'oh, I heard you call my name but I'm going the other way anyway'tips below) 2) if this doesn't work and They start to becoming impatient, tetchy, do a lot of rolling, zoomies and playing with other four legged ones and, generally, looking as appealing and cute as you can - They don't have the heart to keep yelling out 'Groucho, here' when They see how much fun I'm having. Now, I'm sure that most of you out there have already mastered this training tip but just in case you haven't, I wanted to share. By the way, in the interests of transparency and honesty, I have to say that it doesn't ALWAYS work but if I achieve a success rate of 70%, I'm ok with that! Happy weekend. Woof for now. Groucho

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Another Extra Long Weekend

Wow, what a weekend we have had here. The Two Legged Ones had an extra long weekend - no, it wasn't for the Diamond Jubilee (although that has had a lot of coverage 'Down Under'!), it's for something else altogether but, well, to be frank, I'm not that concerned about the reason for the extra day off, I'm just interested in the extra fun I had. And, you know, the Two Legged Ones have been soooo busy lately that it was pawsome to have them around a bit more - mind you, no matter how busy they are, I still have my walks, my one on one time with one of them each night (they take it in turns), etc, it's just that I don't get to blog as much - something to do with me not being trusted with the computer by myself. They reckon I'd end up with 'square eyes' as I'd spend the whole day messing around with blogs, downloading music etc - but the computer screen is rectangular so I've NO idea what they are waffling on about. Anyways, we had a BRILLIANT weekend - the weather here was wonderful -you'd never guess it was Winter, it was soooo warm. It started off with a very very long walk on Friday evening - when the She Two Legged One arrived home from work, I was limping very badly. So, She said, well, no walk for you Groucho. And, of course, by some miracle, the leg was fine within, oh, a nanosecond of her saying that - so She said ok, just a short walk around the block. And I said, very quietly to myself, no way, buddy, that aint gonna happen. So, every time She tried to head for home, I dug my paws in (which, I am proud to say, are now very dirty again) I sat my bottom down on the footpath and I refused to move (which I know is not good behaviour but it was such a wonderful evening, cool and fresh and soooo many smells) and, I have to say, for once, it worked, I got my own way, She agreed we could go for a longer walk as my leg was fine with no trace of a limp at all - and She said it was just what She needed after a week cooped up in an office every day for long hours!!!. But I know there will be a visit to the dog-ter coming up as I heard Her mention to the He Two Legged One that it could be arthritis whatever that is, as I do limp a bit in the morning, but only in the cooler weather. Then, on Saturday, we went to the beach where I met some VBD (very big dogs) and hung out with them. And had loads of swims and I ran and ran and ran. I did so many zoomies up and down the beach that I was pretty tired, I can tell you, after only a few minutes. You can just seem me in between the legs of one of the VBDs in the photograph below. And there's a photograph of one of the other VBDs who I met - he was great fun, he was very much into zoomies which was fine at first but after a while, well, you know, his legs are MUCH longer than mine so I decided to let him off by himself - it wasn't that I couldn't keep up, you understand, it was just that well, I decided to conserve my energy for the swims! There was a lot more going ons but the He Two legged One wants the comp-ewe-ter (as we call it) so I have to go. But I've put up some photos of my great weekend and there will be more later, now that the She Two Legged One has promised to stop whinging about her workload and spend more time helping me with my blogs. Woof for now. Groucho