Wednesday 31 August 2011

It's Mine

It's Mine, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

So, I'm not that good at sharing my toys but who cares, it's mine.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

What's Up?

What's Up?, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

I know, I've been a bit slack with the updates. The Two Legged Ones have been flat out with work so haven't had time to turn on the broadband etc for me. Nothing to report, we are just counting down the days until we are on our holiday - I'm going to run, run, run and run some more on those beaches. I can't wait!

Woof for now.

Via Flickr:
Groucho in the grandstand at his favourite oval.

Groucho is a rescue dog who was rescued from a dog pound in Ireland in 2006 thanks to the amazing work of Westie Rescue. Please support

You can read more about Groucho's adventures at

Monday 15 August 2011

Why I love Sundays

Smelling the world!

1) Because I go in the car and stick my head out the window (sorry about the fact that the photograph of me is a bit dirty - the Two Legged Ones haven't cleaned the car for a while so the wing mirror was a bit grubby!) and smell everything. Of course, it's not just Sundays I go in the car - but Sundays are special days.
2) I am allowed to sit in the back seat of the car instead of the far back (refer below) as a special treat
3) We go to the market where I'm allowed, as an extra special treat, to eat a wee bit of the Two Legged Ones' food - in this case, a banjo burger - this is an Australian invention and comprises grilled organic bacon and an organic, free range egg (fried of course) on an organic sourdough roll.

Three very good reasons to love Sundays!

Woof for now.


Ah, the back seat - it's great!

This is me, in the 'far back' of the car - it's my own special part of the car!

Saturday 6 August 2011


Well, today was a lovely day Down Under - blue, blue skies and a lovely fresh wind - not too hot, not too cold. The Two Legged Ones collected me from my 'holiday camp' (ie the older two legged ones' house) and we went for a long walk along the river before settling in to watch the All Blacks decimate the Wallabies. Now, I don't mind watching a bit of rugby now and then but today, I was a bit homesick for Ireland so I wasn't really in the mood. For what it's worth though, my money is on the All Blacks winning the World Cup in October 2011!

Anyway, given I was a tad homesick, I thought I'd put up this photo to cheer myself up - this is taken on my first ever visit to the West of Ireland - down to Sneem in County Kerry. And what a great week we had down there - I was only ickle (8 months old!) and I still really hadn't learnt to come back when called which was a tad exasperating for the Two Legged Ones but for me, it was a good excuse to run and run and run and run - which I did. The Two Legged Ones were very fit at the end of that week - they had to run very very fast to catch me!

Woof for now.


Friday 5 August 2011

Trying to sleep

It's been a quiet week - not much to report. I'm gearing up for my usual big weekend - it's been raining all week but today, those lovely blue skies appeared again - I'm a fan of the rain but blue skies mean beaches and the river and we all know I love both of those! It's very cold but I don't care - it's not half as cold as Ireland and anyway, I'm tough and can cope with zero degrees any day! I'm excited about a weekend of beaches, river and running off all my excess energy. This is a photo of me trying for some quiet time but of course, the camera came out and photos were taken of me. Sure, I'm photogenic but a Westie needs some downtime once in a while!

Happy weekend and woof for now!