Monday 26 March 2012

Ah, memories

I'm not tired!, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

The He Two Legged One hasn't got around to uploading photographs of my pawsome weekend - a friend of the Two Legged Ones was here, all the way from Houston, so, on Saturday we met up with her (she hasn't seen me since I was only 8 months old so you can imagine her surprise when she saw how grown up [handsome] I am now!) and we took her to my favourite pub here (I like it because it's four legged-friendly and they sell treats for us four legged ones - what's not to like??) and then I suggested we take Glo to one of my favourite doggy beaches and she got to paddle in the Indian Ocean for the first time ever. I, of course, had to show off a wee bit and demonstrated my swimming skills! It was so wonderful to see Glo again and seeing Glo certainly made the Two Legged Ones very happy. I was very impressed with her as she made a HUGE fuss of me.

So, there will be some photos of the pawsome weekend up soon but, in the meantime, we were all talking about Ireland over the weekend, and we found this photograph of me - this was taken on a beach on a very windy, wintry day in the west in Ireland - we had just come back from Dubai and I was LOVING the wind and the water and the cold. Don't be fooled by this photograph - I wasn't tired, I went on to run on that beach for at least another hour or so. The Two Legged Ones couldn't get me to leave, I was having soooo much fun.

Woof for now.


Monday 19 March 2012

An extra long weekend

Sometimes, the Two Legged Ones are able to take an extra day off after the weekend (something they call 'time off in lieu'). It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's brilliant - I have them all to myself for an extra day. This weekend was extra special, as the She Two Legged One had four whole days off so we had a great Friday together (we found a new dog friendly park - pawsome) and of course, on Saturday we went to 'my' river (refer to earlier post) and on Sunday we went to 'my' market (refer Why I Love Sundays) and then we also went to Sculptures by the Sea, an annual event around here - the sculptures are brilliant so we have a lot of fun. I was really tired last night and, as you can probably tell, a bit annoyed at having my photograph taken -
I'm not usually so grumpy but it was a HUGE day yesterday - not only did we see the sculptures, but we also walked a long way then I went to the Doggy Beach for another long walk and swim - I'm not complaining, I had a great time but when I go to bed, I like to be left alone (well, other than a few tummy rubs!). So, today, we went to the beach again to see some more sculptures - it was much better today as it was really quiet, as it was a work day for most people, and I had a great time checking out the sculptures without having to avoid two legged ones legs all the time! So, we got to see the sculptures in all their amazingness (and they really were amazing) -
I quite enjoy a bit of art now and then and I think you'll agree that I look suitably alert and interested -
but the best part was meeting another Westie (Robbie) - he and I ran around for a little while, comparing sniffing stories. Then the She Two Legged One and I took off to the Doggy Beach while the He Two Legged One took more photographs. All in all, a great long weekend for me! But boy am I tired now!! Woof for now. Groucho

Wednesday 14 March 2012


Flying Westie Blur, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

And here is an 'after' shot - and I admit, I do feel a lot better for a fur do. And, to be honest, it was fine - Ann, the lovely two legged one who gave me my fur do, let me run around in her back yard with her two four legged ones, afterwards, and we had a great time. And given the hot weather recently, I admit I'm better off being shorn!

This photograph was taken last weekend at my favourite cricket oval - the river is just behind me and I went for so many swims then ran around like only a Westie can to dry off. You see, after my little whinge about the hot weather, the Two Legged Ones sat me down and told me to cop on to myself, stop feeling sorry for myself and just be very happy to be alive - and to be grateful for the life I have. So what if it's hot - I'm alive, I have a great life, and it's only right to be grateful for that so I did cop on to myself and stopped feeling sorry for myself! This photograph made my She Two Legged One laugh so much that I figured I must be in the good books again - she said it was the happiest, smiliest, most joyous photograph she had ever seen of me! See, even a bad thing like a fur do can lead to good things!

Woof for now.



so, as promised in my previous post - here are the before and after photographs of my fur do. Well, here is the 'before'. Due to technical difficulties the after will be shown on a different post. Personally, I think I was fine as I was - I don't like going for fur-dos, as I think is quite evident from the look on my face here. I didn't quite know what was up but I knew something was and I showed my annoyance by refusing to look at the camera. I call this expressing my feelings, the Two Legged Ones call it 'stubborn'. Hmmph.

Woof for now.


Thursday 8 March 2012

Another hot spell

Sun safe Westie, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

Seriously, I am SOOOO over this weather - for those of you who know me from my Ireland days, you'll know I would whinge and whine (according to the Two Legged Ones - I prefer to call it 'stating my opinion in a definite manner') about rain - and now, I'd give my favourite Kong toy, in fact, I'd give away all of my Kong toys, for a cool spell with some wet weather! It's going to be close to close to 40 degrees (Celsius that is) for the next four days. And yes, that means swims in the river but it also means some very quiet time in between as it's just too warm for me to walk during the day. There goes my Saturday brunch at my favourite cafe as you can't sit outside in that sort of weather.

AND, to add insult to injury - this is what the Two Legged Ones do to me - put a hat on me to proect my ears from the sun. Honestly, have they not learnt yet that I DO NOT like wearing any form of clothing.

Off to whinge a bit more now to anyone who will listen.

Woof for now.


PS I've had a bit of a fur-cut since this photograph was taken - I look sooooo much younger, the Two Legged Ones have promised to satisfy my vanity and post a photograph of my new 'fur do' this weekend!