Wednesday 3 April 2013


So, here I am, Day Five of the Great Adventure in Japan. I arrived safely, as you can tell from my previous post, and I'm settling in well. The first few days I was very very very tired ..... and everyone who knows me knows that I must have been really, really tired to not destroy Ratty (a welcome home present from Her). Of course, now that I'm back in fine form, Ratty was almost destroyed this evening in a spurt of energy but he was taken away from me - something about trying to have a stuffie that lasts more than a few days! Of course, it was natural I was tired - it wasn't as long a trip from Australia to Japan as it was from Ireland to Australia and I didn't need any quarantine but still, it's a long way and well, I spent a day at a posh pet hotel before I left Australia and She suspects that I was out all day with the other four legged ones having a blast and showing them who's boss (and I was and I did and I partied pretty hard I can tell you so it was more that than the flight that made me tired!). I have to say thanks here to Penny at Jetpets for making sure it all went well and, more importantly, for calming Her down about the whole thing - She says She was well in control but I know that poor Penny was on the receiving end of a few stressed out emails! On Sunday, though, I was ready for a bit of an explore - and boy, did I explore - we went to the local dog cafe - and unlike in Australia where that means I can go, but I have to sit outside, the dog cafe here is a cafe for us four legged ones - we can sit up on a bench, there is a Dog Menu, as soon as I arrived, I was given a mat to lie on and a bowl of water - I was greeted before They were (as is only right and proper) and even though I couldn't read the menu, I could certainly smell some tempting stuff - so I had a special 'only for four legged ones' cake (I wasn't allowed to eat it all as even though it's for us four legged ones, She mentioned that horrible Diet word again ... such a killjoy that one) and They had their usual coffees - So, She and I will be visiting that cafe quite a bit - it's going to be our 'together time' on the weekend. The cherry blossoms are as amazing as She says - mind you, I don't tend to look up that much when I'm out a walkin' - I just sniff the ground but every once in a while, I did look up and I admit to being amazed by the sakura - and, when we walked home, the wind came up and blossoms were floating down - it was like snow, it was so pretty - I had blossoms all over me! The last few days have been raining and I mean rain, like Irish rain - lashing down so I haven't been able to explore and unfortunately, the sakura have started to disappear but boy, am I glad I arrived in time to see them. I'm excited about this Great Adventure - as are They. She can see Fuji-san from her office window and She says it is so incredible to look up and see this amazing mountain, sitting there all serene and beautiful. Sometimes, she does go on a bit! Anyway, I better go - it's been a long day - the sun came out this afternoon so He and I went exploring and then we went to meet Her at the train station and then we went to buy me a new bed!!! Woof for now Groucho