Monday 29 March 2010

A long hot Summer

So, it's been the hottest Summer on record where I'm now living. It has been really, really hot - and no rain for about 4 months. Can you believe that? Geez, for a Four Legged One from Ireland, this has been tough. But, as you can see below, I've taken up swimming to keep cool. The Two Legged Ones are very impressed by this (and yet again, I'm the main subject for their photos - sometimes being so cute and photogenic is actually a bit of a burden) - no more of the paddling for me, I'm straight into the river or ocean now. The one good thing about the hot summer has been loads and loads of visits to the beach and river for me!! I'm into jetties and boats now too.

The Two Legged Ones went to Melbourne earlier this year - and, just like Sydney, they went on and on about it. They got to catch up with some good friends of ours from Dubai, including Marcel, one of my great Four Legged buddies, who remembered them and there was a lot fun that day. I really wanted to go to Melbourne, especially as I knew Marcel would love to see me and I wanted to see him again,. I stayed with the Older Two Legged Ones again and had a blast - loads of treats and walks. But next time, I'm hoping the Two Legged Ones will take me to Melbourne!!!

The cooler weather is almost here but I'm still going to the beach - and still swimming. It's good for my 'Iron Dog' training!

A new beach

Yes, it's been a while I know. But life in Australia is very busy. The Two Legged Ones have been busy too so it's been a bit hectic. Last year, the Two Legged Ones visited Sydney, a place which is apparently amazing - well, I'm guessing it is as they went on and on and on about it when they got back. I couldn't go - well, I could have but it would have meant another plane trip and I could well do without that for a while!

The Two Legged Ones have also done a few day trips to see some of the countryside around here.

I go stay with the Older Two Legged Ones and have a blast. I'm spoilt rotten when I go there, and I know how to look cute so I get even more spoilt!

So, a few months later, because I had missed out on the other holidays, we all went away for a long weekend 'down south' as they say over here. What a great weekend! We went to some great places and best of all, I ran and ran and ran like mad on some new beaches. We stayed on a great farm, with loads of new smells for me and some interesting looking sheep (don't look anything like Irish sheep) to stare at. I was very busy, sitting out on the verandah, checking out the livestock. I had a great four days - we visited woods, we were on the beach every day and even though it was wild and woolly I paddled and splashed and smelt, I ran, I scrambled and all in all, it was brilliant fun. The Two Legged ones took me everywhere with them and I slept the whole way home as I had been one busy dog for four whole days!!!