Sunday 20 January 2013

Dock Days

Where I live, Down Under, we are blessed, during the Summer months, with the 'sea breeze' - I've mentioned this wonderful natural air conditioner before but we never tire of it - it is truly a wonderful wonderful thing - so last week, when that seabreeze came HOWLING in off the Indian Ocean, we raced to the car and headed to the wharf (or the docks as some two legged ones call it). She loves going there - because it's cool, it's always busy with ships coming and going and the cranes working non-stop -
and He enjoys going because there are some great photo opportunities -
And I love going to the wharf because

a) the smells are brilliant - oh, there are other four legged one smells, fish smells, bird smells - so many smells to sniff that I go giddy with it all!

b) the water looks amazing - it's all sparkly and I love standing on the edge of the wharf (with my lead on, of course, because ccording to Her, I 'cannot be trusted' with so many birds around), looking at it and sticking my head into the seabreeze and sniffing the great smells and

c)with all the happenings going on, it's impossible NOT to have a great time!!!! I mean, it's great fun - looking at all the ships, wondering where they have come from, where they are going to - it's all just food for my Westie imagination!

Woof for now


Thursday 10 January 2013

My New Career

Well, it's been a while coming but the Two Legged Ones have decided to advertise my new career - interior design. Yep, that's right, I know it sounds a bit strange but They have decided that as I am SOOOO good at rearranging cushions, stools, foot rests, blankets etc to suit my own requirements that I should take it up on a professional basis. She decided this when She came home from work a while back to find my latest 're-designing' efforts on display:
Now, She has indicated that perhaps my skills will only appeal to a niche market (ie other four legged ones) and She may be right - after all, two legged ones really show no interest at all in cushions on the floor do they? I've no idea what that's all about - after all, when cushions are on the couch (or blankets, throw rugs etc for that matter) they really do just take up room and I think they look so appealing against the white tiles! Woof for now. Groucho

Wednesday 9 January 2013

What can I say??

Well, so much for the more consistent blogging since She gave up work - I've not seen any improvement at all so words barks have been spoken. Apparently, one of her new year's resolution was to assist me more with the blogging - hmmmph!!!!

There is much to relate, due to Her slackness so here goes:

1) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope you all have a wonderful 2013 full of long walks, treats, many interesting sniffing opportunities, trips to the beach, fun blogging and much health, peace and joy.

2) Christmas Day, where I live Down Under, was SOOOO hot - it was SOOO hot that I could not even go to the beach. However, I had a great time opening my present (yes, only one this year - something to do with me being on a 'diet' - I've no idea what that word means other than it seems to result in me having less treats on a daily basis so it's obviously a BAD word. As you can probably tell from the third photograph below, I'm not exactly patient or delicate when it comes to present opening:

3) The day after Christmas was much cooler so we went to a new park to celebrate - I practiced my obedience skills and I believe I did very well - I took off immediately but, apparently, They said 'here' not 'go chase that bird' - I beg to differ, I still maintain They said 'chase' and I displayed superlatively good skills by doing as immediately requested -

4) On that same day, They took off for a holiday without me - by my reckoning, that is the THIRD holiday of 2012 without me - I objected sulked a fair bit but, well, really, I don't mind - I stay with the older two legged ones and I am treated with all the attention and respect and adoration I deserve SPOILT when I stay with them

5) She has decided to have yet another go at growing herbs (not a gardener Her, in fact, She has no idea at all and has managed to kill untold numbers of poor innocent plants in her over zealous and misguided attempts at 'becoming a gardener') - I decdied to help bury a treat right next to Her already flagging basil plant and help it on its way to an early exit from the word of herbs -

6) She is going to have a few months off work so She and I are already having great fun - long walks (now that it's a bit cooler), trips to the beach, we take Him to work sometimes and then we hang out together. It's GREAT. However, I have noticed that She has taken to editing quite a bit of my post so I'm going to have to pull her into line.

So, here's to more regular blogging from us and a wonderful 2013 in Dog Blogville (and elsewhere of course!). Woof Groucho