Wednesday 9 January 2013

What can I say??

Well, so much for the more consistent blogging since She gave up work - I've not seen any improvement at all so words barks have been spoken. Apparently, one of her new year's resolution was to assist me more with the blogging - hmmmph!!!!

There is much to relate, due to Her slackness so here goes:

1) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope you all have a wonderful 2013 full of long walks, treats, many interesting sniffing opportunities, trips to the beach, fun blogging and much health, peace and joy.

2) Christmas Day, where I live Down Under, was SOOOO hot - it was SOOO hot that I could not even go to the beach. However, I had a great time opening my present (yes, only one this year - something to do with me being on a 'diet' - I've no idea what that word means other than it seems to result in me having less treats on a daily basis so it's obviously a BAD word. As you can probably tell from the third photograph below, I'm not exactly patient or delicate when it comes to present opening:

3) The day after Christmas was much cooler so we went to a new park to celebrate - I practiced my obedience skills and I believe I did very well - I took off immediately but, apparently, They said 'here' not 'go chase that bird' - I beg to differ, I still maintain They said 'chase' and I displayed superlatively good skills by doing as immediately requested -

4) On that same day, They took off for a holiday without me - by my reckoning, that is the THIRD holiday of 2012 without me - I objected sulked a fair bit but, well, really, I don't mind - I stay with the older two legged ones and I am treated with all the attention and respect and adoration I deserve SPOILT when I stay with them

5) She has decided to have yet another go at growing herbs (not a gardener Her, in fact, She has no idea at all and has managed to kill untold numbers of poor innocent plants in her over zealous and misguided attempts at 'becoming a gardener') - I decdied to help bury a treat right next to Her already flagging basil plant and help it on its way to an early exit from the word of herbs -

6) She is going to have a few months off work so She and I are already having great fun - long walks (now that it's a bit cooler), trips to the beach, we take Him to work sometimes and then we hang out together. It's GREAT. However, I have noticed that She has taken to editing quite a bit of my post so I'm going to have to pull her into line.

So, here's to more regular blogging from us and a wonderful 2013 in Dog Blogville (and elsewhere of course!). Woof Groucho


Unknown said...

Groucho Happy New Year to you too. We hope 2013 will be a kind one to you and yours. How are you doing with the heat? Are you safe where you are? Take care and stay cool. Pawsome bird chasing. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Groucho said...

Hey Molly, thanks for thinking if us - we are very lucky - the heat has been horrible but so far we have not had any awful bush fires like the other States. We are so lucky and keeping all those poor people who have lost so much in our thoughts.



Sweet William The Scot said...

Oh those New Years resolution are so hard to keep Groucho! Blog and Diet require work and they are four letter words. I think you should really help her with the herb garden they can make food taste so much better.
Thanks for being a friend
Sweet William The Scot

Patrice and Higgins said...

Happy New Year Groucho!! My mom has been a slacker as well...what are we going to do with our humans???


The World According to Garth Riley said...

Happy 2013 Groucho! I have the same problem with my momma - lately she has been too busy to help me blog when I need her. What could be more important?

Sorry you're on a diet. But maybe you can get more walkies and playtime if you're trying to lose weight! Did you see my post about how to get fit and healthy?
I know it's much more difficult to have good walkies when it's hot. Good luck!

your pal,