Sunday 14 July 2013

Well, it certainly isn't my fault ......

That I have been out of Dog Blogville for what feels like PAW-EVER. And it is, really, in dog years - it may only be a few months to Her (which is actually bad enough really) but for me, it's paw-ever. I'm thinking of firing Her, She really has done it this time. As usual, She is blaming it on Work - whatever this work thing is, I sure don't like it. But, well She may blame it on this work thing - however, I think it's something more to do with :

Then of course, there was the British & Irish Lions Tour to Australia test series which took up a lot of Their time - as They had to watch every match, including the non-Test ones - I don't mind, actually, (other than it keeps me away from Blogville) because I'm a huge fan of rugby, I like to sit on the couch and watch it but oh dear me, She was hard work during this test series - I mean, seriously, does She not know that yelling at that thing that They call the TV will not change the ref's mind???? I mean, I'm a dog and even I know that! But that ended last week and She said, enough is enough, I need to get back into Blogville! P> So, what's been happening in Japan? Well, far too much to put into one post, let's just say that I'll go forward rather than try to play catch up - the weather has turned HOT, and I mean HOT - not hot like it was Down Under, which was roasting hot but dry, or even hot like Dubai which was REALLY REALLY hot - this is like walking into a sauna, it is HOT and HUMID (about 95% humidity and 35 degrees celsius!). Now, after such a glorious Spring and a short rainy season (during which time I had to wear a rain coat - I was peeved at first but I got over it and even enjoyed wearing it - I think it looks ok, really, as far as rain coats go - please excuse the photographs, She took them instead of Him so they aren't that great)

I admit that I am finding this weather quite tough but I still go for two walks a day, I just have to drink a LOT of water while I'm out and we go early and later in the day - AND I have a cooling jacket, They say I look like a star trooper in it, I don't care what I look like, it keeps me cool and star troopers are cool anyway, so it's a win win. I go to doggy day care once a week as well, so that keeps me busy, but it does mean that I can't go on the train for a while as it's just TOO hot for me to be on a station platform. She says that it's like standing in front of an open oven but She doesn't mind it really - She says it's a small price to pay to live here and that, really, if this is the worse thing in Her life, what on earth has She got to complain about? I tend to agree - we are very lucky and we are really lucky to be living in such a wonderful place!

Well, that's it for now, we will be much more consistent, She promises (well, that's if She keeps Her job - we've just had another little chat, set a few performance targets, but She is on her final warning, I can only be expected to be patient for so long!). We will swing by to check out all your news over the next few days! There are some photos below of our neighbourhood and my walking routes! (and one of Mr Groucho is his new sleeping position on the couch - took him only, oh, one day to make himself completely at home!). Woof for now.