Monday 21 October 2013

I'm still here .....

Well, I see from reading a few other blogs that there seems to be a bit of the 'too busy, too busy' going on - too busy to blog is something I had hoped we had got past in our house, given the stern words I had had with Her last time, but it seems, my stern words fell on deaf ears but at least I'm not alone .... I see Higgins and a few others are having the same issues which makes me feel a wee bit better! Anyway, I am still reading blogs, just not able to comment for which I apologise - but I've been keeping up as much as I can with all your news. This is one reason why She hasn't posted - apparently, in between Her long work week (Her reason for not bloggin!) She somehow managed to find time to climb Mt Fuji with Him - this is sunrise from the fifth station on Fuji-san, They then climbed to the summit and came back down - She said the sunrise was PAWSOME but it was one of the toughest physical things She had ever done and She could not walk properly for at least 3 days!!!

We will try to be more consistent ..... We miss you all.