Sunday 12 August 2012

What is this wet stuff falling from the sky???

My friend Rolo asked me where we were finding all the sunshine over my way? Well, I have to say, we had a week of GLORIOUS weather - in fact, it was positively warm but then, this morning, all this wet stuff started appearing - it took me a while to remember what it was - RAIN - as it's been the driest July on record apparently, where I live 'Down Under' so I was a bit surprised when I woke up this morning to see puddles (I LOVE puddles - just made for running through aren't they??) and saw water coming from the sky. So, it's been a wee bit squidgy and damp today and this afternoon, the rain started LASHING down, I mean LASHING and the wind was absolutely howling. I LOVE this weather - it reminds me of home, Ireland! But, I am always a bit worried when this weather hits as to the walk situation - rain is all very good and I know we need it for the farmers and the dams so we have enough water over summer, but walks are the highlight of my day so there were a few anxious moments:
But, She kept a close eye on the clouds and we managed two walks in between all the squalls so I'm happy. And I met a three legged Westie - she had a nasty infection earlier this year which meant her right front leg had to be amputated but oh, she was PAWSOME - she even kept up with me and she was so much fun! Last weekend, the weather was a bit overcast (but no rain) but of course, I would not let 'overcast' stop my demands for a long Sunday walk - and They took me to one of my favourite haunts - we hadn't been there for a while so I was quite busy ensuring everything was up to scratch:
And we found a boardwalk - for some reason, She loves boardwalks and when She finds one, that's it, She's off but I don't mind - the smells are great:
We found this 'pretend dog' - who, from a distance looks quite real but I wasn't fooled!!!
Anyway, that's it for now. She has promised to try to be more consistent with the posts! And by the way, we LOVE the Olympics - it's great fun to see all the photographs! And what a great job by the organisers!! Woof Groucho