Tuesday 20 November 2012

The No Longer Pawly-ness of Groucho

So, I know I've been blaming Her for busy-ness at work for the lack of dog blogging, but the main reason really is for the past 4 weeks or so, I've been very paw-ly - at first, it was just a bit of scratching and carrying on but then it developed into something more serious - I was very under the weather and oh my, was She worried. Even the dog-ters were worried. I had some tests, which resulted in much furrowing of brows (I don't know why They were so furrowed browed - it wasn't as They were the ones who were paw-ly is it???) and then a day trip to the dog-ter for an ultrasound - oh, there was much anxiety, I can tell you (with Her, I was rather calm about it all). In fairness, I was a bit out of sorts and in a fair bit of pain BUT the GREAT news is that YEEEEEEHHHAAAA after 4 weeks, I am well and truly on the mend and the test results were fine - well, a few little things to keep an eye on but it wasn't the Very Bad Thing that it might have been so, to celebrate, we went for a kayak on Sunday -
which I totally enjoyed as it was just wonderful to feel so alive and Westie-ish again - but She needed some guidance (to be very clear here, and it may sound harsh, but honestly, She is not very good at all at this kayaking stuff - I'll be in His kayak next time - so much more exciting - I could swim faster than She paddles!) so I had to sit up front to navigate and stare at the birds and be on the look out for dolphins -
But, after a while the slow pace of Her paddling got to me and I made it very clear I wanted to be back on shore - as I needed to have a word to Him who was at it again with that camera thing - you know, the one with that very long lens which means He can get photos of me even if he is very far away which is very unfair - but I think sticking my tongue out at Him like this makes it very clear what I think of the whole situation.
Woof for now Groucho

Sunday 18 November 2012

Seven Things

Well, my buddy Dougall has very kindly given me an award - thanks again, Dougall, we were very touched by you thinking of me! So, as part of this award, I get to share seven things you might not know about me! So, here goes:

1) I very nearly didn't make it - I was put into the pound, when I was only 6 months old, by my first owner to be 'put to sleep' (which I'm sure is not the same thing as going to sleep at night because She always says it in a horrified tone of voice) but fortunately, Maureen at Westie Rescue rang Them and They busted me out of the pound.

2) I have lived in three different countries - Ireland, the UAE and Australia. But Ireland is home - it's my favourite place ever.

3) I love cooked broccoli and carrot - but I don't like any raw vegetables at all and if I'm tricked into eating them, I spit them out - very loudly, then I make a very big deep sigh and walk away from Her with a very disdainful expression on my face.

4) I think baths are just ridiculous and the biggest waste of time ever and I whinge and grumble and carry on when I have to have one!

5) I was never really a big fan of swimming until we moved to Australia - now, even in the cooler months, I'll race straight into the water and strut my stuff!

6) I love rugby - I sit on the couch and watch the matches with Them. She shouts a lot at the TV screen which I don't really understand because it doesn't make any difference but well, it seems to make Her feel a bit better although She does get very grumpy if Her team does not win.

7) I love my dog blogville reading and posting - it's introduced me to a whole word of wonderful people and four legged ones and it's great fun.

Now, as part of my award, I have to choose 3 other blogville buddies to pass on the award to - this is very tough but here goes:

1) Gemma - another 'Down Under' dog blogger whose two legged ones love Aussies Rules football and whose posts make me laugh a lot

2) Hoke, my Westie buddy who, I think, is actually my 'Westie in arms' as he is very similar to me - I think we may be related actually! And Hoke's 'Monster Face' little sister is good fun too (although I have to pretend that she's not, just to back up Hoke you understand!)

3) Brandi - now, Brandi is a cat and I've had a few run ins with the felines, but we love Brandi's blog.

Pop on over and visit them if you haven't already.

Thanks again Dougall buddy!

Woof for now.


Thursday 8 November 2012

Tips for Training Your Two Legged Ones by Groucho

Some of you may recall my earlier two legged ones/peeps training tip - well, it's now time for Tip Number Two - How to Train your Two Legged Ones to Relax. These are just a few and I'd welcome any of your ideas (it takes a LOT for Her to relax and to be honest, we are a bit exhausted with it all so any ideas are welcome!) - 1) Lead by example - here I am, showing Her how to sit and just enjoy the sunshine
2) Take Them Let them take you to your favourite beach where They can enjoy fresh air, salt spray and glorious white sand (which is just made for running in!) and the lovely wonderful sound of crashing waves:
3) Introduce them to a new hobby - here I am, showing Them my new hobbies of rock climbing and hypnotising fish:
4) Hang out with them - as much as you possibly can -
Woof for now! Groucho

Wednesday 7 November 2012

It's been a LONG Time - and a Birthday has come and gone

Well, FINALLY, it seems, there may be a return to Dog Blogville for me - I have really missed everyone, but She tells me that She will try much harder going forward and also, She is taking some time off work early next year, a real, proper break - not a few weeks, a real proper break - we are all very excited about it as we figure the real She may return!! You know, the one that isn't stressed and tired and walking around with big black bags under Her eyes! Anyway, SOOO much has happened over the last few months - we had relatives visiting from Ireland and I was much spoilt (of course) and loved (of course)by them and we took them 'down south' for a few days break, to my favourite Australian beach where my 'arf-an-eye-tis' showed no signs of angst and I ran like a little puppy, everywhere:
I sure miss the relatives, they made some fuss of me I can tell you! Then, the Two Legged Ones went off on their Big Holiday - to some place called Tasmania - I went to the older two legged ones for two weeks of 'holiday camp'. The Two Legged Ones would have taken me to Tasmania, but well, They did a lot of walking in the national park and four legged ones aren't allowed in there (well, not ones like me anyway). But, we are all back home together now which is just the best - and it was my birthday last week - yeeehaaaaaa!!!!!!! I got a great present - kangaroo sticks. Yum!! I displayed pawsome present opening skills -
But, the bad news is that I've been unwell, again - I'm off to the dog-ter again this evening, fourth time in 5 weeks. Keep your paws crossed that I will be better soon - it's becoming a wee bit tiresome, I can tell you! And the other bad news - He got a new camera - oh yes, another one for me to contend with. It was bad enough that He got that new long lens, you know, the one where He can be MILES away and take a photograph of me without me knowing ...... well, this a tiny little camera that He uses for close ups - and it doesn't look the same or make the same 'click' as the other monstrous one so He caught me unawares the first few times - I'll have to up my super Westie powers and come up with a plan to foil his next attempt!
Woof for now. Groucho