Monday 15 August 2011

Why I love Sundays

Smelling the world!

1) Because I go in the car and stick my head out the window (sorry about the fact that the photograph of me is a bit dirty - the Two Legged Ones haven't cleaned the car for a while so the wing mirror was a bit grubby!) and smell everything. Of course, it's not just Sundays I go in the car - but Sundays are special days.
2) I am allowed to sit in the back seat of the car instead of the far back (refer below) as a special treat
3) We go to the market where I'm allowed, as an extra special treat, to eat a wee bit of the Two Legged Ones' food - in this case, a banjo burger - this is an Australian invention and comprises grilled organic bacon and an organic, free range egg (fried of course) on an organic sourdough roll.

Three very good reasons to love Sundays!

Woof for now.


Ah, the back seat - it's great!

This is me, in the 'far back' of the car - it's my own special part of the car!


Hoke said...

You get to stick your head out the window!?!?! you are Lucky with a capital L! I only get to sniff ...she's afraid I will get dirt in my eyes...she's a ninny!! Hope you had a lot of smells to smell!!! See you soon!

Oskar said...

Groucho, you are very handsome & your adventures sound so exciting!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...

hi Groucho, greatings from germany. have a nice day, Sunny

Unknown said...

Hi, Groucho - I read your post on Pet Blogs United. Wow, you are quite the traveler. My dogs like riding in the car, too. That's a handsome (well, cute) photo of you way in the back of the car. Have a great day!