Monday 5 March 2007

Day One - Groucho enters our Lives!

This is Groucho, the day we brought him home from the pound. We did not know what had hit us - a furry, white fluff ball of energy, mischief and an amazing ability to charm! Poor Groucho was a bit of a mess, his first 6 months of life had been horrible - so, we brought him home, made our home 'Groucho proof' and quickly learnt that owning a Westie is incredibly rewarding. We decided this amazing four legged being needed a new name, a fresh start so, he became Groucho, named after the Groucho (Marx, of course!) - same wacky sense of humour and whiskers! And we are truly grateful to Westie Rescue for finding Groucho for us - he is an amazing dog and as we always say, life is not the same without a Westie!

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Unknown said...

I can see - this is going to be an interesting site to visit. :p

Groucho, you're cute!

... Diana Vellara