Sunday 25 March 2007

Smile - It's Groucho

Groucho is such a clever little dog. Groucho likes to work things out for himself, he loves learning new things to keep his mind occupied. We put some of his home-made treats into his toy and Groucho has worked out that if he shakes it around and throws the toy into the air, the food will fall out. When Groucho grows tired of doing this he rolls the toy under the couch and pretends he cannot get it back out. Groucho waits for someone to get it for him and to throw it - hoping that more food will fall out.

Groucho has made lots of new friends since he moved to Dubai. Groucho loves meeting his friends while he is out on one of his walks around the lake near where he lives. Groucho the Wonder Westie of the Western World seems to make just about everyone he meets smile. This is probably Groucho's most important super canine power - the ability to make people smile.

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