Tuesday 22 February 2011

Study Break!!

Study Break!!, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

Well, as you can see, I've been busy, yet again. Here I am, taking a wee break from studying up on a few things. It's been a busy month or so - one of the Two Legged Ones had a holiday back home so I was busy, taking care of the other Two Legged One. It's quite tiring (as you can tell). I've been out in the kayak again which is going well. Recently, we managed a mid-river transfer from one kayak to the other (as the Two Legged One I was with was going sooooo slowly, I almost fell asleep so I had to go with the other Two Legged One which was far more exciting as he goes a lot faster). It has been roasting hot over here - no let up in sight either. It's not quite as hot as Dubai but it feels it ..... on the plus side, this means I have more trips to the beach and river and my swimming skills are quite amazing these days. Anyway, I better go. Gotta catch up on some reading and prepare for another adventure to the beach this afternoon. Hope you are all well. Woof for now.

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