Wednesday 27 July 2011

Can I cross now?

Can I cross now?, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.

So, on the trip 'down south' a while ago (refer to 'Going Places' below), the Two Legged Ones found this sign and oh dear me, wasn't there great excitement (from one Two Legged One in particular - you know who) - I had to get out of the car (never a hardship really) to investigate with them and while I'm sure they would like you to think that this was a 'natural moment' we all know that this is a staged photograph - but, who cares, staged or not, I still figure I look quite handsome. And I have to admit, it's quite a cool sign!

Woof for now!!!!

1 comment:

DSS said...

Groucho, you do not look one bit as if you have staged that photo. You are a lovely actor/photo subject, I must say. I also would very much like on of those signs for our yard :)