Thursday 20 October 2011

If you go down to the woods today .....

Into the light, originally uploaded by Wonder Westie.
There were so many adventures on my holiday down south, that I decided I should do separate posts, otherwise each post will be way toooo long and my paws will get tired, typing it all up ...... This was my daily afternoon adventure - a walk in the woods. It was great fun - the Two Legged Ones were more interested in the wildflowers (stunning, apparently) and the trees (awesome, apparently - to me, they are all the same!!) but well, you know me - I was more interested in the smells - and the woods were full of exciting smells - kangaroo smells, rabbit smells, frog smells, fox smells, other four legged ones smells. And, the most exciting thing - one afternoon, I saw a kangaroo.  Surprisingly, I was very well behaved and didn't run after it - the Two Legged Ones thought it was because I was finally learning all my manners (instead of just some of them!) but it was really because, well, kangaroos are huge - I'm not scared of anything (other than baths) and honestly, I wasn't scared (but again, close up, kangaroos are HUUUUUGE!!!) but I decided that, to paraphrase William Shakespeare (I quite like his works, you see), discretion was the better part of valour!

Stay tuned for more holiday photos and stories!

Woof for now!!!!!!

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Hoke said...

Can't wait to hear more!!! A kangaroo?! I would have turned and ran the other way..well after I tried to growl at it and bark but that's about all I would do. Looking forward to more pictures from your trip!!