Tuesday 10 July 2012

Sleeping with the Bears

Well, as some of you already know, in the cooler weather, I like to sleep with Her collection of something she refers to as 'the Bears'which, in the past, has been the subject of some disagreement between Her and me although, in fairness, She soon realised that my awesome ability to completely ignore Her when I don't agree with what is being said (it's actually more the fact that most of what She says, I simply don't understand - I'm a dog, I don't actually understand most of Her conversation - key words such as 'walk', 'car', 'beach', 'river', 'go', 'eat' and 'treats' tend to get a good reaction but the rest, it's white noise mostly!) led to me having quite a bit of leeway with the Bears BUT, what with the Arf-an-I-tis, She's decided that sleeping with the Bears is a good thing - it means I'm warm, all the time, and I snuggle right into them so my left leg, which is the Arf-an-I-tis inflicted one, gets extra warmth from the Bears. So, it aint all bad having Arf - in fact, I barely notice it but I'm certainly not above using it to my advantage if need be.
I'd like to thank y'all for the kind messages re Arf. I had my second injection over the weekend which was fine - the very nice vet nurse gave me the needle instead of the dog-ter which was much better - I like the dog-ter but I really don't like that cold table they put me on! And, I got a treat (although not a big one as I'm on a DIET - being a dog, like I said, I don't understand a lot of words but I know that DIET is up there with BATH - bad bad words) and then, on Sunday, we went to Her favourite part of the river with the plan that I would do some paddling but, me being me, now that I SHOULD paddle, I decided NOT to. But I had a great time anyway:
and I eyed off this bird as my next challenge - yes, it's a big bird but I'm a Westie, I have no idea I've no chance of ever getting it:
So, all in all, it's fine - Arf is being treated, I'm still using it to my advantage when it suits me (although being carried up and down the stairs every time is becoming a bit tiresome - it was fun at first but now, well, I see it as undermining my independence!!) and They are making sure my stunt-Westie tendencies are under control - I've gone a whole week without diving off a sand dune! Woof for now. Groucho


Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Those bears look mighty comfy...

Unknown said...

Groucho we love you and the bears but don't you want to tear at them? My soft toys have been de-stuffed otherwise I would send you some. Take care!
Best wishes Molly

ShellePenn said...

Wow, that ARF is definitely cramping your style! You need to follow their instructions, though... even if it is undermining your Westie Independence. :)

We are sending you lots of PAWsitive thoughts!! Feel better and be good so you can recover quickly-er (we made that word up just for you!!)

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

You look totally "bear-able"!

Unknown said...

Hi Groucho!
We're so sorry to hear about the Arf! You do whatever you need to feel comfy and happy. Get better soon.
Your fellow beards,
Joules & Prescott

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh, nice soft, warm bears to oucccch up with.

Susie & Bites

Anonymous said...

That bear thing...that's such a good idea! Your peeps are pretty smart.

You take care of that arf. K?

Aroo, Stuart

fluffypopcorn said...

Pssssst… Groucho! We're dropping by for a quick visit to tell you this!


We'll be back! ;)

Love, Poppy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a very well travelled cutie you are. Just popped over from Fluffy Popcorn's blog and really glad I found yours.

Mollie said...

Hellllooo, weee's just popped over from Spotty Spotty Polkadot to say Hiiiii :)Yoooo's soo cute, I bet's yooo never get that big bird!!! :)

Paw fives Mollie
Pop by when yoo0's get a min x
mollie and alfie

Wyatt said...


Terriers love to chase those stupid birds. It must be ruff being under doctor's orders :(
Be a good Westie and follow doctor's orders!

Wyatt and Stanzie

Hoke said...

You look kind of like one of them!!! HAHAAHA!! I hope arthur is being nice to you. and that you are having lots of fun. I will say this about those bears...if it was me, I'd have em knocked all over the place with all the stuffys pulled out! I mean that's what they are there for right?! Take care and rest up...lots to see and do for sure!!!

Sweet William The Scot said...

I did not recognize you in amongst those bears. You blend in very nicely one would think your stuffed. And about the bird, if he wanted to he could give you a very good pinch, I know. So, watch out!
Thanks for being a friend
William The Scot

Patrice and Higgins said...

Wow, arf is really messing you up, huh? I think you will find a way to gain your Westie Independece back in no time! For now, just enjoy ZZzzZZzzZZZ with the bears!!


Duncan said...

Ohhh, those bears like the perfect cure for the Arthur!!! Glad there is a positive side to it !!!

Scrappy Angel said...

oh - your bear furiends are adorable - i am so glad they are helping!

and apparently, the shots are too - even though they might be a pain in the - well, you know what.

i am carried around a lot - after awhile, you will get used to it.

sometimes you get extra kisses on the top of your head during the carry.

you'll see