Thursday 9 May 2013

Space to Roam and Upcoming Exploring!

Before we left to come to Japan, a few of my two legged friends and all of my four legged ones, were worried I would not have enough space to run around in - fortunately, the wonderful two legged ones who helped Her find a place to live, found a house with a garden for me so I am able to sit and strut and sniff out there as much as I want -

and, apart from all the walking I do around our suburb and even beyond (because it's important that I let everyone know I'm here and I like to think I am the master of all I survey!), there is of course the river - here are some more photos of my weekend walk - I go to the river usually at least once a day, sometimes twice, for a long walk - now that the weather is becoming quite warm, I can get out and about much more:

So, see, no need to worry, while I may not have a beach to run along, I'm doing zoomies elsewhere and I'm well able to stretch my legs. And once my Sturdibag arrives, I'll be on the trains in no time, going to new parks and all that - so many new adventures to be had!!!

On a less exciting note, my tummy has been a bit up and down the last week - it's probably because I ate something I shouldn't have, but She was a bit worried so, as a result, I'm not allowed to have my usual treats - this may sound a bit awful but, well, I'm not complaining as She found a shop nearby which sells only 100% organic, non-grain based treats - they are DELICIOUS! And He bought me a 'cheese stick' - it's quite large so I will have to lick it, rather than chomp it, for a while until it becomes soft enough for me to devour in my usual impatient way! I'm very determined when it comes to these things so it will be gone very soon, I'm sure!

I'm having such a busy life at the moment, that I'm rather tired by it all - there is so much to learn and see and do, that, after a few rolls on the lawn (commando rolls She calls them), I'm ready for a wee nap:

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They have been out and about again, taking in the new surroundings - I'm sure that once my bag arrives, I'll be visiting some of these new places with Them - I can't wait to sniff all the new smells and see all the amazing things They are seeing although, in fairness, I will probably have my nose to the ground most of the time!

Woof for now.



Ranger said...

Nice yawn Groucho! Hold on…. I feel a yawn coming on… Y..A..W……N.
Nap time.
Pees… I love you new yard.

Unknown said...

Your jealous friend here Groucho. So glad you have lots of places to sniff and do zoomies. Glad you are settling in and so looking forward as always to more. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

A new place is so exciting to explore. We happy you've found the perfect zoomies place nearby.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

Anonymous said...

Pleased that you have a garden AND get to go out and explore too.
You've got some very bright coloured monsters to fight there!

Unknown said...

Looks like you have a great place to explore and roam around in. Enjoy!

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

your new place sounds great, I specially like the sound of that treat shop!

Wyatt said...

Your new yard looks like just the ticket. Can't wait to see your next adventure...maybe you can go bark at that big kitty statue!


Pippa Sheltie said...

Oh, that's super you have a garden to run around in and some lovely places to go for walks!
I'm glad your move to Japan's been going good, but not so much about your tummy! What did you eat? It can't have been good!
Those cheese things sound fantastic! Do you get a lot of weird and wonderful dog treats in Japan?
Pippa :)