Thursday 19 January 2012

My after dinner ritual

After we come back from a walk in the evening, I often do 'homework' (currently, my homework is learning 'turn' and 'back' - I know how to do them, I'm just pretending I don't so I can get more 'training treats') then, after I have my dinner, I go upstairs:

and I wait for my after dinner treat - apparently I wait impatiently although, in my humble opinion, I believe my expression indicates a very patient Westie:

BUT, if the treat is not thrown up to me in a timely manner (ie when I want it, not when the Two Legged Ones think it's appropriate), I am sometimes forced to become demanding:

Usually, when I adopt the demanding pose, the Two Legged Ones realise the error of their ways and the treat is thrown to me immediately. I let them off if they are a bit tardy - it's not their fault, after all, they are only Two Legged Ones .....

Woof for now.


PS I don't have green eyes, don't worry, I haven't some strange disease, it's just the She Two Legged One again - she really doesn't have any idea does try hard to take decent photographs of me but fails dismally has a lot to learn. (edits by said She Two Legged One!)


Patrice and Higgins said...

The two legged ones are always trying to train us, when in reality, it's us having the hard work of training them! BOL!!

Glad you finally got you treat! You may have to work a little harder during your next training session with your two legged ones so you wont have to wait so long!!


Wyatt said...

Sometimes our peeps could use some training...good job on training yours, Groucho!

Hoke said...

Ok first...I'm not really that white...those pictures just make me look good. Right now I'm a little dirty myself...she says I need a bath and he says "for what, he's just gonna get dirty again" Truth be told...she brushes me and scrubs my fur pretty good when I get a bath!! BUT I do have a beige stripe down the center of my a backwards skunk. Ok 2nd...they actually throw you treats?! I wish they would do that for me...they make me work for mine. Paw paw, lay down, sit up...blah blah!!!! I'm gonna just sit there and make them do stuff for me for a change. Enjoy your weekend!!!