Tuesday 24 January 2012

A sad day

There are no photographs today as we are all very sad. Lily, my first ever buddy, has gone to the big park in the sky. The Two Legged Ones are very sad and so am I - when I was a wee puppy, just new out of the pound, all bouncy and 'energetic' (some would say 'annoying' but I prefer energetic), Lily put up with me - she let me run around, being all 'energetic', she let me eat her food when I went to her house for a doggy date, she even stood by while I dug up her bones and ate them. Lily was a Westie, just like me, although a lot smaller so it was very good of her to let me be so 'annoying'.

When I first moved in with the Two Legged Ones, the She Two Legged One was working from home most of the time, so, every day,around lunch time, we went for a walk with Lily and Kay, Lily's two legged one. I loved those walks - Lily helped me learn to be around other four legged ones and she and I would run, run, bark, sniff, do Westie Rolls together and, I have to say, we looked very cute - two Westies, one big, one small, out and about together! And, often, after our walk, Kay would take me back to her house because she had a big garden, and I would stay with her and Lily all afternoon, eating treats, taking over Lily's bed (well, in fact, the whole house, what with me being the sort of Westie I am!) and Lily took it all with good grace.

I haven't seen Lily for a while, well, not since we moved Down Under, but I always thought she would be there, ready for our walks again, when we moved back to Ireland. We are all very sad and this post is in memory and honour of my wee friend, Lily, who we will miss so much. And it's for Kay as well, as we know she will miss her Lily so very, very much.

Until we meet in the Big Park in the Sky, Lily.

Woof for now.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Groucho, I am so very sorry to hear abouts your dear, sweet furend Lily. It sounds like she was oh-so-special and I know that she'll be watching over you from the Bridge.

Please tell Miss Kay that we know she is sad but we are so thankful she gave Lily such a Most Wonderful life.

Gentle wiggles & wags,

Patrice and Higgins said...

Oh, I am so sorry! :( {{{HUGS}}}


Groucho said...

Thank you so much for your comments - it is really appreciated. Kay is very sad, life won't be the same without her Westie - and my Two Legged Ones are very sad and I always thought that Lily would be there when we return to Ireland, ready to take up on our daily walks again. But she had a lovely (if short) life and was very much loved which is what it is all about. And it helps to know that my buddies in Dog Blog Land understand! Woof.

Hoke said...

OH no!!! I'm so so sorry! Think of your dear friend always!!!!

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Groucho, I'm so sorry you lost such a special friend.