Tuesday 3 January 2012

What I've been doing ....

It's been a busy 10 days or so, what with Christmas and the holidays. I haven't really had much time to tell you all about it - other than the update on my presents, trip to the river etc. More photos below of me enjoying tat river! That's one of my favourite jetties that I'm walking on - there's a sign that says 'No Entry' but I've chosen to ignore it. The Two Legged Ones say it's safe enough for me as I 'only' weigh 12kg (and, again, apparently that's an issue - it isn't you know, I carry the extra 0.5kg very well) but they can't walk out on the jetty any more which is great - I can do what I want.

Well, the biggest thing, other than Christmas (and yes, there was baked ham and I was allowed a tiny bit - and I mean tiny - and it was delicious!) was my trip to the dog-tist on 28th to have my not-so-pearly whites cleaned (ref: My Pearly Whites post below). It went ok - the dog-ter knows all about my dog-ter phobia and cage phobia etc and everyone at the four legged one clinic was very very nice to me. I was a bit groggy afterwards (I didn't even ask to go for a walk!) and the Two Legged Ones were told I would be groggy for most of the next day - humph, they snorted, as if (they had heard this before and refused to be taken in by it again). They were right - I wasn't groggy at all - at 5am the next day, I was doing circle work on the living room carpet (in my defence, there was a crow outside, taunting me - he's been taunting me for weeks and seriously, he's just asking for it - I've about had enough) and I was ready for my walk by 5.30am. And the good news is that now, my gnashers really are pearly white and providing I behave sufficiently toallow the Two Legged Ones to brush my teeth (which is going to be a very, very interesting event - I've smelt the toothpaste - blah, 'beef flavour' my left paw), I won't have to visit the dog-tist again for a long, long time.

So, that took up a few days, then there were all the trips to the river to swim and then there was a bath - I wasn't happy about this, I never am, but apparently I 'stunk'. I'm not quite sure what this means - I don't think I 'stink' and no other four legged one thinks I do. And then, of course, there was all the talk about the colour of the bath water - the She Two Legged One kept going on and on about it being 'filthy'. But, afterwards, I have to (grudgingly) admit, I did feel better and as it was New Year's Eve, I suppose there was no harm in me being white and fluffy for all of, oh, one day. I was out the next day doing Westie Rolls and trying to get rid of the girly shampoo smell!

Well, I'm off to bed now - there are more tales to tell as the He Two Legged One is on holidays and I'm going everywhere with him - today, we collected the She Two Legged One from work so I got to walk around the city and made everyone smile which was great fun. I'll bring you up to speed on my other adventures later.

Woof for now.



WFT Nobby said...

Hi Groucho, sounds like you had a pretty nice Christmas, despite all the titivating activities (when will humans ever learn to have better, i.e. dog appropriate, ideas about scents.....)
Happy New Year then,
Toodle pip!

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Lots of adventures to tell! Good work with the 'ole teeth cleaning.

Aroo, Stuart

Hoke said...

I hate baths with a capital HATE!!!!! BUT it's cool to see the water change colors isn't it. Can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!!!

Wyatt said...

Hey Groucho, you are looking white inside and out..heehee.
We just visited our Westie Cuzin, the 'Muddy Farm Westie'. (She was not lookin' so white)It must be hard to be a white dirt loving terrier!