Tuesday 24 July 2012

We're Baaaack

Oh yes, another long break because, yet again, She has been flat out at work - I'm not sure why this is an issue because when I'm flat out, it doesn't make me tired - in fact, being flat out usually means I'm asleep! Or, at my patrol post, checking out the comings and goings of the complex where I live:
But apparently, for Her, the result of being flat out means She's very tired (and, I think it's fair to say, a tad grumpy). However, we are all still having our great weekends and in fact, this past weekend was great fun. We took the older two legged ones out for breakfast and because I have the older he two legged one wrapped around my paw, I was fed a few pieces of his toast (She wasn't too happy about that because it interfered with my DIET - bad word). And then I took them to my second favourite part of the river and went for a paddle to help along Arf-an-I-tis. On that point, I would like to say thanks to everyone for their good wishes with Arthur/Arf - I had my last injection on the weekend and I was incredibly sooky and whingy brave and tough about it all. And I'm much better and don't have to visit the dog-ter again for another 6 months, so that's all good. Won't stop me from sleeping with the Bears though - they are great for keeping me warm! My only problem with the weekend was the BATH. Secretly, I do know that a BATH (bad horrible word) every once in a while is fine, but I really don't like how I smell 'lovely' (Her word) afterwards - it's not dog-ly at all to smell 'lovely' is it???? So this is what I did to get back at Them:
And so, if that wasn't enough, I spotted a four legged one who looked like he would be good fun to run around with (and get more dirty) - after all, he was wearing a DPM harness so I thought he would be into a bit of a chase and game - I lined him up:
and then we had a chat but he then took off - didn't want a game at all - it's probably because I smelt 'lovely' rather than dog-ly so this week, I'm doing all I can to get rid of this 'lovely' smell!
Woof for now Groucho


Unknown said...

Groucho , the dreaded bath with yuk yuk shampooch. Hope you enjoyed your roll. Get down and get dirty I say.
Best wishes Molly

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Oh, poor thing. Mama keeps saying the same bad word to me *bath* and I have been trying to change her mind. And I'm a cat!
Well, I actually like the way she dries me--with a fur dryer! You should try that on your arthur- itis. It's like really warm and nice on the hurtie parts.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We know all about that 'lovely' smell...yuck. Looks like you're doing a great job getting back to your dogly smell.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Welcome back. I have only had to have one bath. I keep clean (really, I carry on so much no one could bath me). I am sure it is horrible.

Glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I don't see that smelling "lovely" is a problem at all.

When I roll in sheep muck, I smell "lovely" without any difficulty!

Anonymous said...

Oh Groucho, we think there is nothing better then a cool bath, we cooperengate so WELL, Heeheehee, but the bestest is the rolling in the dirt out by the shop after, and Mom goes OFF the deep end, Heeheehee, keep up the good work, dirt is your furend!!!!

Susie & Bites

ShellePenn said...

Groucho!! Poor momma! I hate that she is so busy :( but glad that everyone is healthy and coming back around with energy!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

Sweet William The Scot said...

You got toast, well did the toast have jelly and butter because that is the best part. Glad you had a good time except for the bath. Sometimes the piper has to be paid and I find the cost is always a bath.
Thanks for being a friend
Sweet William The Scot

Anonymous said...

I don't know WHY humans always want to wash the dogly smell off of us. I HATE smelling lovely. Bleh!

But I'm awfully glad you've been having such Most Marvelous weekends! I especially like those pictures of you having a good roach in the grass.

Wiggles & Wags,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your arfritis is better! YIPPEE!

Arooo, Stuart

Wyatt said...

Baths...Who needs em'. Terriers don't stink!


Anonymous said...

Umm, actually, Wyatt, when we got trapped in the small shed today, it was mentioned that I may have made the atmosphere rather less than pleasant.


Well, I had been raiding beans ...

Rolo Retriever said...

Hi Groucho,

Rolo here - I love your pics! Where are you getting your sunshine from? I want some too! You sleep with your legs out behind just like Puppy Monster - are you two related per chance?

I will let you know how I get on with my new magnetic collar but swimming is definitely proving to be the best medicine so far.

Have fun!

Love Rolo The RetrieverX

Scrappy Angel said...

baths are the worst!

diets, also bad.

i know both of those words too well and i still have not had any good come from wither one of them.

i like your rolling method! that should take the lovely away soon.

Hoke said...

I'm shaking around just thinking that she's gonna give me a bath next. Maybe it was arthur who was stinking up the joint and not you!! Feel better my friend...Arthur needs to find a new place to hang out!!! Hey how long do you think it would take me to get to you...I could help you chase him away!!!